Bathing Beauties


The sea and and swimming is never far from my mind,I recently took a nostalgia trip to South Dublin where I grew up, it was fascinating to see all the places I used swim as a child and teenager,mostly open air swimming baths sadly now in dereliction. Too cold for those without a wild streak. Interesting that swimming year round in cold Irish waters has become a trend and large group activity, when it used to be just old men who went to the forty-foot while the women quietly snuck off to Sandycove baths or harbour often encumbered with tiny children. As school children and adolescents we dived into the pool at Dun Laoghaire and got our lifesaving badges almost drowning ourselves in the process. But all that is left now is peeled paint, bricks and graffiti. All uncared for and unloved for a very long time. These baths were the original leisure centre’s only much more fun. Places where people use to talk to each other, while youngsters played transistors with music from Radio Caroline the pirate radio ship moored out in the bay.

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