About Me

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I am an artist who works in different mediums with an emphasis on photography and installation. I like to think my images create windows where the viewers can be whisked away to different worlds and absorbed by the atmosphere.

At the age of six my father gave me my first camera a ‘Kodak Brownie 127’. I started to take photographs of the clouds, sea and the minutae of life. Age seventeen he gave me an old Leica camera from his collection and off I went to discover the world.

He  had an optical business so looking through lenses was part of the everyday. Microscopes, Leica and Zeiss cameras, spectacles, as well as playing with beautiful handblown glass eyes  madefor the blind, gave me curiosity and the ability see instead of just look.

 My images are printed by a master printer to a sophisticated quality, on fine art archival paper. As much care and attention is taken with the prints as with the image. This gives a luminosity and presence more akin to painting and drawing. The larger photographs are printed and signed limited Editions of 10 printed on archival paper that has a similarity to watercolour paper.

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